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As a pool builder who wants to yield profits through informed decision-making but constantly finds yourself wrestling with the profit losses in certain cycles, struggling to find the right subcontractors, and identifying trends, Honey is the answer to your job costs management problems!

 …. This page will address major concerns that every pool builder or company finance manager faces. You may have a passion for the construction industry, but watching out for the latest trends in the industry and digging into subcontractors’ history is the job of someone with expertise. Letting Honey manage job costs will enable you to mitigate losses and maximize your profits more easily using exact data.

Honey Pool Software acts like a loyal and reliable manager that says, stop worrying about these job cost issues and get back to doing what you love, like designing pools and selling your customers their dream staycation resort.  

Honey can track your company’s job costs so you don’t have to enter data on spreadsheets the old-fashioned way and then compare the finished pricing against the original proposal.  I know, sounds cool right?  

Well, that’s only 1 of many great ways that Honey can help you get back to doing what you love and being able to make more money in less time.  

Want to learn how Honey can track your company’s statistics?  Check out the Honey benefits page titled Statistics Management to see how Honey Database software can help you manage and grow your business.

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